Valentine's Series 3/3: My Secret Love!


So let’s wrap-up our mini Valentine’s series…

We elaborated on the importance of self-love, we saw the missing element of an ever-lasting romantic relationship and now it’s time to reveal my secret LOVE…

I am madly in love with my super-self!

My super-self is simply a figment of my imagination. My super-self is my ideal self, from my current level of consciousness.

As we grow, our super-self grows too! So, in the same way that pepe le pew cannot catch his love, I am consistently moving towards my super-self!

Like a powerful magnet, the vision of my super-self inspires me consistently to become a better cell of humanity!


I love myself but
I am also in love
with my super-self!



You deserve everything you want,
and we all deserve your best self!

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