Valentine's Series 2/3: Romantometer


When you want to grow your business by 20% it’s easy to understand your progress, it’s just numbers.

However, there is no such thing (yet) as a romanto-meter indicating that your relationship is better by 4.3% than last month.

Being in love means that you will probably do a lot of things that do not make sense, and technology cannot make sense out of something that… does not make sense!

Every relationship and especially of a romantic nature is an art.

I fully agree with Tony Robbins, on your last day of your relationship, act as if its your first and it won’t be the last. In other words, complacency eventually leads to decay.

Most people think that passion has only to do with who they’re with, oblivious to the other side of the same coin…

Passion has also to do with the version of yourself that you bring into a relationship.

So keep putting logs in the fire and your heart will affirm that your relationship is going in the right direction!


I am an open
channel of love!



You deserve everything you want,
and we all deserve your best self!

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