How much "Tony Robbins" are you?


Yesterday, I revealed the BIGGEST mistake in knowledge sharing. This will prohibit most from getting started.

When you decide to share your knowledge to make an impact and an income, you will stumble on another significant block.

You’ll look up to your mentors and think “I wanna speak on stage like Tony Robbins” or “I wanna publish my book the way Dean Graziosi does“.

Knowledge Broker Blueprint LIVE: Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi reveal the KBB Method

While it is essential to gather up skills, strategies and habits that work, you really want to embrace fully your authenticity.

As my mentor Joel Roberts told me “I am a fan of your brilliance, and I am here to fan your brilliance“.

I am not trying to be a 64% Tony Robbins, I choose to be a 100% Angelo.

We are all aware that there are 8 billion people in this world.

What most miss though, is that there are 8 billion unique perspectives based on each others’ values, beliefs and experiences.

So, the winning formula is to always keep learning from the best and then apply these teachings to your unique, beautiful identity.


I embrace my



You deserve everything you want,
and we all deserve your best self!

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