The BIGGEST mistake in Knowledge Sharing!


At school, for me to write an essay of more than a few lines was excruciating. I remember looking at other kids thinking “look at them go… how do they know all that?“.

I had such a square mind that I thought everything was trivial… The vibes I was broadcasting to my teacher were “what do you mean write down pages and pages on how I spent the weekend…

You see, back then I didn’t know the power of a story.

For over five years now, I am writing stories like this every single day, inspiring people from all around the world because I realized that a story does not teach, a story moves.

The biggest mistake people make in knowledge sharing is that they depreciate what they know.

Remember what is trivial to you, could be life-changing to others!

Today, the attention span is so narrow that learning how to masterfully craft and share your story is an invaluable asset.

It’s time to shut the inner voice that shuts your voice!


I matter.
I have a voice.
I am a force for good!



You deserve everything you want,
and we all deserve your best self!

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