What game are you playing?


In the movie “Bridge of spies” Tom Hanks asks the Russian spy he was defending in court “what’s our next move?“.

And Rudolf Abel replied to him with another question “What’s the move when you don’t know what the game is?“.

Before you can win the game of life, especially these days, you need to know what the game really is.

Life is simply a game of attention!

Where you FOCUS on is basically all that matters.

So, right after you finish reading your inspresso where are you going to focus on?

  • another rampage of episodes on Netflix or brainstorming to turn your business around?
  • disempowering news or an empowering video-call with friends and family?
  • a sloppy toxic meal or a rejuvenating alkaline smoothie?


I focus entirely on
what truly deserves
to be part of my life!



You deserve everything you want,
and we all deserve your best self!

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