Visualize it, visualize it, visualize it

The POWER to Visualize

and why my 1st Flying Lesson was not REALLY my first!

The POWER to visualize: Angelo Labrou flying over San DiegoI am sure you have read and heard a great deal about visualization. And, I can take a fair guess that you are still going back and forth on its effectiveness in manifesting your desires.

Well, let me tell you what happened to me back in March 2011, while I was in San Diego. I had my first flying lesson with my favorite single-prop (a cirrus) and even though everything looked exciting, to say the least, when we took off I had the strangest feeling ever…

I felt like I’ve done this hundreds of times! What you should know is, that even though I have never took the pilot’s seat on an airplane before, I have done so many times from the comfort of my home using a Flight Simulator. In fact, I have practiced so many times that the “real thing” felt totally natural to me. Oh, it gets weirder, please read on…

While I was flying over La Jolla, just north of San Diego, 10-15 minutes after taking off, I got so comfortable with the cockpit and everything that, for a fraction of a second, I felt like I was back home doing the simulator thing!

I believe that many pilots will agree that my landing was not the best, but it wouldn’t be as good if it wasn’t for all the hours of virtualisation.

So, if you have a burning desire, my message to you is…┬áVisualize it, visualize it, visualize it (and enjoy my landing :))

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  1. alexandra

    Great blog post! And may I say the landing was awesome considering it was your first time ­čÖé

  2. Josephine

    Great story! It’s like living your dream. Or better yet it’s Your dream come true!
    Let’s start to say, My dreams COME true.
    Fly High Angelos, the sky’s the limit.

  3. Angelo Labrou

    “Human history, with its forms of governments, its revolutions, its wars, and in fact the rise and fall of nations, could be written in terms of the rise and fall of ideas implanted in the minds of men.” – Herbert Hoover

  4. Angelo Labrou

    “The secret of imagining is the greatest of all problems to the solution of which the
    mystic aspires. Supreme power, supreme wisdom, supreme delight He in the far-off
    solution of this mystery.” – Douglas Fawcett

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