Be an Entrepreneur

What it Means to Be an Entrepreneur

I recently joined forces with Traffic Geyser founder Mike Koenigs on a project, during which he was inspired with a poem intended for anyone who is drawn to be an entrepreneur. You will love the video because it speaks from the heart of an visionary who is committed to training and supporting 1,000,000 entrepreneurs!

Mike said, this poem was partly a result of apple‘s “Think Different” commercial and Steve Jobs‘s monologue on the crazy ones, the misfits…

Why Be an Entrepreneur?

When I am asked this question, I ALWAYS remember the second of Jim Rohn’s 4 questions to ponder, “Why not. What else are you going to do with your life. You’ve got to stay here until you go…”. I also resonate with Bob Proctor’s A, B and C goals. You see, most people will go for the A’s, the ones they know they can get. Some stretch a bit further to the B’s the ones they THINK they can get given the right circumstances, resources and so forth. Genuine entrepreneurs do not belong there. They will go for the C, the ones they really desire. When they see a problem their focus shifts to solutions, new products, opportunities.

I believe, the top “why” for the entrepreneur is the innate passion for contribution.

Be An Entrepreneur Lyrics

Be an Entrepreneur

Here’s to the Entrepreneur.
Builder. Creator. Action-taker. Wealth-maker.
They see potential and opportunities where others see emptiness.
Fiercely independent.
They don’t wait for someone or something else to take care of them.
They make it happen by sheer will and determination.
They’re artists, turning ideas into valuable products and services.
Deserts into an oasis. Dreams into reality.
They invent, inspire, and make the world a better place. Entrepreneurs.
The unrecognized heroes.
Creating jobs.
Giving back and changing lives.
Join the Revolution.
Be a hero.
Be an entrepreneur.

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  1. Asukaya Bailey

    We can never give up, as those who quit receive no rewards; and life favors those with the character to continue on the roads other would bypass. Thanks for the inspiration and camaraderie.

    Asukaya Bailey – Luminous Velocity 2012

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