Tribute to Kobe Bryant: This is THE game!


Yesterday I made a promise about today’s Daily Shot of Inspiration but I am going to have to break that promise out of respect to the GREAT Kobe Bryant that was sadly killed in a helicopter crash. You see, you can have all the plans you want but life has infinite parameters and we will always know just a small fraction of them trying to make sense of it. Kobe has made a strong impact on this planet not just through his remarkable NBA career but also passing on the torch through his “Mamba Mentality” of winning in all aspects of life. Kobe took the gift of life to create incredible gifts for mankind. For me, his last message is hidden in his accident… This in NOT some practice and then you get to play life… This is THE game, THIS is life!


I respect the
gift of life.
I make the most
of every moment!



You deserve everything you want,
and we all deserve your best self!

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