This does not make ANY sense!


From the very first day that I was drafted into the Greek Air Force, for my compulsory 20 month service, I was doing many things that do not make any sense.

Well. they were not making any sense from what was my point of consciousness then.

The point of all that, was to build “blind discipline” and “unwavering faith” to the words spoken from my leader.

It certainly does not make sense to go through:

  • the excruciating pain of labor until you hug the newborn
  • years of agony until you make your dream product a reality
  • months of intense exercise until you achieve the level of fitness you desire

Always remember that the drama of life is not intellectual but emotional.

That thing that you resist doing today and makes you completely uncomfortable, is simply your super-self pulling you forward!

Tomorrow I will explain what’s behind all that… nonsense and why we tend to set greater destinations (goals).


I commit UNTIL
I see my vision



You deserve everything you want,
and we all deserve your best self!

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