The Success Magnet!


Yesterday we elaborated on what is considered to be the top life-hack, gratitude. Now that you have raised your energy it is time to start seeing yourself differently, and by that I mean in a more serving way.


Game Changer Step #4: Success Magnet

Even people who have accomplished extraordinary things might need some time to bring them back to surface and acknowledge them. Success is not yet a success until you consciously acknowledge it as one! It will serve you really well to occasionally pat yourself in the back and say “good job” or “well done” to yourself.

One of the reasons successes are hard to find is because they are hidden behind their dreaded enemies, failures. The second step to making yourself a Success Magnet is to go through your seeming failures and convert each one of them into a success by acknowledging one or more key lessons! You will find that some “expensive” lessons are the biggest strengths of who you have become!



Write 10 successes that you have not consciously celebrated already.

Write 10 “failures” and find at least one big lesson from each one of them.


I am an unstoppable
success magnet!



You deserve everything you want,
and we all deserve your best self!

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