The secret to success is under the hood!


In order to drive your car safely from point A to point B you do not have to know what the engine camshaft does or what is the exact ratio of each gear. All you need is to handle a handful of controls like steering, pedals etc.

Interacting with clients and friends, I keep noticing an epidemic of expertopathy*. Social media has created an overload of topics in our minds and we must fully let go not only FOMO but FONK** as well!

One of your most significant challenges in this new decade is to control your focus solely on what moves the needle closer to your vision!

I tend to create words that describe new aspects of life:
* Expertopathy: the need to feel an expert of every subject
** FONK: Fear Of Not Knowing


I am a master
of focus and



You deserve everything you want,
and we all deserve your best self!

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