The #1 threat to success right now!


Quick question… Do I have your attention?

Do I really have your attention right now?

With the exponential increase of “shiny objects”, our attention span is getting narrower and narrower. Even as you read this, your smartphone could be beeping in the background…

As my mentor, Joel Roberts says “the stakes are high and the moment is brief“.

In this hostile environment for every worthwhile endeavor, your ability to FOCUS and winning your customers’ attention is becoming a TOP priority!

Today, I am gonna give you some simple (not necessarily easy) first steps for both:

  • remind yourself of your “why”. This will immediately draw your attention to your destination (goal) and will make your energy more impactful and attractive to others.
  • start your day with your #1 thing and stay focused until the task is done.
  • remove most if not all notifications from your phone and assign specific times of the day that you will check it only for significant followups.
  • start crafting your “stadium pitch” for your digital communications. You want to find the words and the attitude that stands out of a crowded feed.


I am laser
focused on
my vision!



You deserve everything you want,
and we all deserve your best self!

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