The 5 waves to success!


Having a tremendous passion for sailing and flying, I tend to see life and the technology of inspresso through it… So, from where you are right now to where you want to go, you have 5 waves to cross.
  • Wave #1: How burning is your desire to achieve your goal? Frequently go back your “why” and make sure it is propelling you forward.
  • Wave #2: How much do you believe you deserve the achievement of your goal? Consistently upgrade your self-worth until you are convinced you deserve your goal.
  • Wave #3: How much do you believe you can achieve your goal? Persistently challenge your limiting beliefs and expand them to the point that you allow your goal.
  • Wave #4: How much do you commit you will achieve your goal? There are many people who believe they deserve, they know they can and yet they never do.
  • Wave #5: How much do you believe you have achieved your goal? This is certainly the biggest wave of all because you exercise your ability to see and most importantly feel yourself having achieved your goal.
For now, all you have to do is to understand on which wave you are “stuck” for a given desire. Focus your time and energy to overcome that wave.


I am the master
of my fate.
I am the captain
of my soul!



You deserve everything you want,
and we all deserve your best self!

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