Start with WOW!


Do you really want to make this decade, your very best by far?

Great, then you really want to start making some changes… In the next few days I will lead you through a simple yet powerful change regime that will help you magnetize higher thoughts and actions.

Game Changer Step #1: Start with WOW!

Most people start planning by mostly thinking what they can do, not what they really want. It does not serve you to infect your desires with your current levels of self-worth or self-confidence.

The game changer is to “start with WOW!“. in other words design in your mind and your notepad what you would consider your ideal life. Every time you focus on this ideal life you evoke a rush of energy that will help you achieve what you considered far fetched not too long ago!

Take the test

Let’s see if “start with WOW!” is a game changer…

  1. I want you right now to wear your jumpsuit and run a Marathon for me. That’s 42.2 kilometers just because I said so. On a scale from 0-10 with 0 being “no way” and 10 “I am already running” what is your number right now? Are you already thinking of unsubscribing?
  2. To spice up your marathon, I have added a suitcase with 1 million dollars right on the finish line. Has your score got higher? Is it 11/10 maybe?


I always choose
what I really want!



You deserve everything you want,
and we all deserve your best self!

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