Put another log in the fire of your soul!


Take a pause for a moment and put yourself in a fictitious, dangerous situation.

Would you say “help” or…

you would shout out “HEEEEEEEEEELP“?

The exact same word got a different meaning by the tone and intensity of your voice.

Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t just say “I have a dream“.

Winston Churchill didn’t just say “never give up

People say we are in the “information age” where you can share your story or teach your skill, hobby or passion and make an impact and an income BUT…

… even though all the above is true, it lacks a paramount ingredient to success…

People are not looking for knowledge, they are looking for results!

While you teach with what you say, you move others with how you say it.

you teach with what you say, you move others with how you say it ~ Angelo Labrou

Each and every day, when I write your “Daily Shot of Inspiration”, I am not asking myself “what can I teach you?” but “how can I leave you more inspired and empowered than a minute ago?“.

So put another log in the fire of your soul about sharing and scaling your message.


I communicate
with passion!



You deserve everything you want,
and we all deserve your best self!

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