Need more fuel?​


For many people, January 2nd is the most awkward day of the year.

It is the time that the enthusiasm of a better New Year subsides and we are faced with our “routines”.

Remember, enthusiasm will get you started, commitment will get you going!

Today it is really important to accept that routines are self-imposed. No matter what happens, we still choose our thoughts and subsequent actions!

Yesterday, I chose to express my commitment in the form of courage by starting the English version of my Daily Shots of Inspiration. Today I am expressing commitment in the form of discipline as I face the added “weight” on my daily schedule.

So, whatever it is that you raised your glass to yesterday, now raise your sleeves and get going until its manifestation!


I am a finisher.
I fully commit
to my vision!



You deserve everything you want,
and we all deserve your best self!

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