My High Energy Decalogue (part 2)


6) Afternoon Snack

Time for a chocolate… maybe some biscuits and a cup of coffee right? No… No… No… Among many other side effects, sugar will cause steep, but short, spikes of energy that will cause you to ask for more and more sweets.

What you really want is the cacao alone! Yep, cacao will stimulate your cardiovascular system, as opposed to coffee that affects the nervous system, and you will feel an immediate and long lasting boost of energy. Now, if you must have something sweet, try this for a change: Cacao nibs mixed with goji berries and honey… heaven!!

7) Laugh

This is your LUCKY 7… I mean, I can understand that up to 6 you were kind of reluctant but laughter is doable right? I didn’t know this till recently, but laughter is actually alkalizing and energizing! Quick tip: if, for some strange reason, you find nothing to laugh about go to and search for your favorite comedy My High Energy Decalogue (part 2)

My High Energy Decalogue (part 2) Stop laughing… I know that the more you read it the more fragile you get to burst into a nervous laugh but, honestly, stop laughing…

OK, seriously now, I know you really enjoyed #7 but you want to get working on your goals, your desires, your vision. You want to do that for 2 reasons:

  1. Haven’t you noticed that the more you act on things you really love to do the more energetic you get? This is simply because Universal source energy is drawn in greater amounts when you do the things you enjoy
  2. By taking consistent action you create momentum and when you do so it takes very small amounts of energy to keep the pace.

9) Grounding

David Wolfe described grounding as “probably the most important health related discovery ever!”. When you ground yourself you immediately neutralize your body and “remove” the excess positive charge that is responsible for oxidation (not so positive after all).

It is very nurturing to ground yourself occasionally throughout the day (e.g. you can touch a radiator for a couple of seconds and that’s it) or you can go to the next level and use grounding pads or bed sheets to be constantly grounded. Grounding is especially beneficial for all of us who spend hours in front of a PC.

10) Use your subconscious mind to your favor

It is beyond my reach why 99.99% of mankind (many times, including myself My High Energy Decalogue (part 2) ) neglects the immense power of our subconscious mind. Remember, we become what we ALWAYS think about. Use your mind right and you will be amazed with the energy reserves you have!

The next time you feel tired, think of what you’ll do or where you’ll go when you achieve your goal and this will automatically refuel and recharge your body.

To sum up…

If high energy is one of your goals, simply by applying 1 or 2 suggestion from my High Energy Decalogue you will start shifting towards that direction and that’s ALL it takes. Then let momentum take over and enjoy the vibrant healthy life you’ve always dreamed of!

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