Is your soul on fire?


For years now I do not watch the news, I just follow the headlines online. Last night I was at a friends house and the news was playing showing the apocalypse magnitude wildfires in Australia and the staggering animal death-toll.

My heart was crushed… but only for a few seconds…

… not because I am indifferent but because I fully understand that I cannot be of value to anyone from a low emotional level. Emotions like hate, fear, sorrow make people powerless.

My country, Greece, is also hurting from wildfires every single summer and I keep tweaking ideas on how this matter can be resolved.

What our world is lacking is “solution mindset” on a larger, more committed scale or what I call “resolution mindset“. Our souls must be on fire about changing the world for the better!

Resolution mindset means that not only you focus on solutions, you commit to see a terminal solution through and leave this problem to the past!


Please, invest 3 minutes today in gratitude that people work in harmony and the wildfires are contained in a remarkable way and with the least possible damage.


I am a force for good.
I envision the best
and do my best to
see it through!



You deserve everything you want,
and we all deserve your best self!

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