Gratitude: The TOP Life Hack!


Yesterday we saw why forgiveness is significant in your path to manifesting your ideal life. Now it’s time to climb even higher on the emotional scale.


Game Changer Step #3: Gratitude

According to Dave Asprey’s research, for most CEOs gratitude stands at the top of life-hacking.

Since energy flows were your focus goes, the more grateful you feel, the more things to be grateful you attract to your life.

Expression of gratitude has many angles:

  • The “obvious” such as good friends.
  • The “not so obvious” like the air we breath or the fresh water we drink.
  • The “healed past” such as seeing a more serving side of a bankruptcy or a divorce.
  • The “Happy Landing” where you see yourself having manifested your desire. Attempt to focus on this angle only after you have significantly raised your frequency.


Write 10 things you feel grateful for right now. If you cannot think of 10, think of 20!

Bonus Tip

It’s not the thing that you are grateful for that matters but the depth of your feeling.


I am extremely grateful
for ___________!



You deserve everything you want,
and we all deserve your best self!

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