Angelo's fake news!


Most will argue that living in Greece during the 10 year long recession was emotionally challenging, to say the least.

So, my state would usually raise the question “why are you so happy?” which basically translates to “how on Earth are you so happy under THESE circumstances?“.

One might argue that “Angelo has no problems or challenges is his life” but that will be 100% Fake News!

Not only I do have challenges, I am eager for bigger ones (in specific directions of course)!

The BIG difference is that I am not focusing on my problems, I am focusing on who I have to become to have them solved!

You cannot change your circumstances instantaneously, but you can change your outlook. You can make your vision brighter right NOW!

Tomorrow I will reveal to you a truly game-changing attitude towards ANY problem, stay tuned!


I always focus
on my vision!



You deserve everything you want,
and we all deserve your best self!

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