Do not make the same mistake Amelia Earhart did!


Last night I was thinking about the notorious journey of Amelia Earhart and how she “vanished” in the Pacific Ocean.

She flew from Miami eastbound crossing the Atlantic, Africa, Asia only to fail in the last leg of her “impossible” journey.

A significant contributing factor to her loss was negligence and I thought…

Amelia Earhart - inspresso - Daily Shots of Inspiration

… how ironic, in Greek the word “amelia” means negligence!

Many times we get so busy with minor things that we neglect the few things that really matter.

We must always assume the responsibility to do our part in order to take our life and business where we aspire.

Protect your health, happiness and success with your thoughts and actions!


I assume full
for my vision.
I am the master
of my life!



You deserve everything you want,
and we all deserve your best self!

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