Do you have a destination?


Most personal & business development coaches talk about “goal setting”. It is true that the first step to achievement is to know (exactly) what you want. However, the “word “goal” is weak. By definition, about 5% of goals are achieved. Most people forget a goal the minute they say it. You need to make yourself much more intentional. This is why I highly recommend to substitute “goals” with “destinations”. Consider your goal as a flight to a certain destination. The take-off might be uncomfortable, the journey may sometimes be “bumpy”, you might be sidetracked by crosswinds but as a good pilot you will take your life and your business to the desired destination! It is best to have a certain destination for each significant aspect of your life such as health, growth, experiences, relationships, wealth and contribution.


My life is a
joyous journey
from one destination
to the next!



You deserve everything you want,
and we all deserve your best self!

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