Did you give up?


Yesterday we exercised Focus and now it is the best time to use it to our advantage because even though it is the 12th of January, some people have already given up on 2020!  

Game Changer Step #6: Persistence

Success does not usually come with “one shot” and when failures stack up, the quality that will keep you going is persistence. Thomas Edison tried 10000 different approaches to make the light bulb work, because the outcome mattered to him more than the effort! In other words, persistence is reluctance to let go of your desire. Persistence is a demonstration that your prefer “effort now” than “regret later”. Persistence is a muscle, the more you persist, the easier it will be for you not to give up in the future!  


Take a puzzle, a riddle or a mind twister of some kind that you really find hard and persist until it is solved. While working on it, understand the build-up of tiredness and even frustration but no matter what, you will not let go, you will persist.


I persist until
my vision is



You deserve everything you want,
and we all deserve your best self!

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