Did you freeze?


The “Iceman” Wim Hof says “we are so successful at being comfortable that comfort has become the enemy of our success“. When you take ice-cold water plunges like Wim does, you are surely uncomfortable!

I also remember listening to Tony Robbins talking about his “moment of change”. He had already experienced significant financial success but he neglected his body and his friends. So he went for a run at the beach… But that was NOT a typical run… He said something to the extend “I will either change or I die“, put the song “Barracuda” on repeat and started running till he was out of breath. For sure, he was uncomfortable!

The third story is mine… I was at a workshop in London, preparing my pitch when the host, Joel Roberts put me on stage and asked me to sing the Greek National Anthem, in front of an ALL-English audience… As if that was not enough, then he asked me to sing one of his favorite Greek songs. Calling myself uncomfortable would be an understatement but I do not thing I will ever be again speaking in public!

Every great civilization, country, business, or even family starts to breakdown when comfort becomes a more desirable goal than growth!

Always remember, what may feel uncomfortable today, will be your new norm tomorrow!


The only fixed point
in the Universe
is my vision.
Everything else,
can and will change!



You deserve everything you want,
and we all deserve your best self!

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