Coronavirus: Should you watch the news?


Let me bust a very common personal development myth for you.

Most Life & Business Coaches will tell you “don’t watch the news“.

However, hardly ever you will find someone explaining why.

What is really behind the whole “stop watching the news” movement is that most people are not emotionally fortified to watch the news!

The media people are doing a remarkable job to get and the hook your attention (otherwise they would lose their jobs).

They know that FEAR is their most effective tool so they are doing a fantastic job coating a carefully selected scene with dramatic music and a colorful punchline and “bang” you have given them a blank check of your time.

I truly admire how good they are at getting people’s attention. When you want to help others, like I do, it is an essential first step.

Back to our subject though, staying informed is not good or bad, staying informed is essential.

So the challenge for you is to grow the ability to distill the facts and immediately shift your attention to the best possible course of action.

If you are truly committed to upgrade you life and your business, make Emotional Mastery your TOP priority.


I always get the facts
and deal with them
as my super-self would!



You deserve everything you want,
and we all deserve your best self!

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