Coronavirus and sugar cubes...


A few years back I was in London and visited “Churchill War Rooms”.

For over two hours I was attuned to the lifestyle of WW2 British military leadership.

Coronavirus and sugar cubes: A story from Churchill War Rooms

When they unsealed the bunker in the 1970s, one odd finding was that one senior officer had his drawer full of sugar cubes. It appeared that he was regularly drinking his coffee with two lumps but, without a clear outlook of when the ordeal will end, he used one and stored the other!

Many people seem to have the same attitude right now under the fierce mental, emotional and financial impact of Coronavirus.

HOWEVER, before I revealed a tiny fraction of the officer’s story. His job was not to “save sugar” but to fight for what was the vision back then.

This is your #1 priority right now, to fight for your vision regardless of potential unfavorable developments.


I adjust and
march towards
my vision.
I am unstoppable!



You deserve everything you want,
and we all deserve your best self!

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