Can you see it?​


Initially, every goal is blurry and may not seem attractive enough to be pursued, especially if there are known obstacles.

The more details you add to your vision the more powerfully it will magnetize and monopolize your time and energy!

Let’s see a progressive example. You gather your sales team and you tell them:

  1. If we achieve our sales goal this year, we will all go on a trip
  2. … on an exotic trip
  3. … on a trip to Maldives
  4. … on a 10 day trip to Maldives on a 5-star boutique hotel eating delicious food, drinking cocktails, surfing…

You can easily see that “4” is more powerful than “1” because of detail. Remember, clarity is power!


Day by day
my vision
gets clearer!



You deserve everything you want,
and we all deserve your best self!

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