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The Plan by Dan Hollings Review: How well are my bots performing so far?

So about a month ago I shared my new project that will take me closer to the investor quadrant and upgrade my income/time ratio.

Following Dan Hollings’s blueprint, I set up 3 demo bots to evaluate the process as well as the results.

So here we are:

Here’s the update as of December 4th…

Here’s the update on December 5th…

Here’s the update on December 10th with my new bot already netting me 4.89% in just 6 days!

Watch me setting up a NEW bot LIVE…

Does The Plan work even when Bitcoin is going down?

Bookmark this page as I will be updating it regularly!

Most investors would be happy to get such returns in a year.

But let’s not get carried away…

I still consider myself a student of wealth and so should you because students are always in growth mode!

So, if you haven’t done so already, save your seat for Dan’s free Webinar where he’ll be revealing the gist of The Plan!

Honestly, I firmly believe that success with The Plan primarily requires a mindset shift.

I was raised to be a “good employee” and it took my decades to realize the difference in the attitude.

So, make sure you can see and expect success. If you need help, checkout my Bonus for The Plan, the Abundance Mindset Masterclass!

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